Our researchers got a clue from locals that live in the icy mountains of Himalayas. They found that locals have been collecting herbs and rubbing them onto their joints to cure pain for centuries.

Our Scientists extracted oils from these potent herbs like Vitex, Ricinus, Pinus and Celastrus which contain medicinal properties and created the most powerful formulation to heal joint pain from its root cause, Remesol

Clinical Proven in the US

Doctors at the Center for New Medicine, Irvine California, conducted clinical studies on Remesol with series of patients suffering from chronic Rheumatoid & Osteoporosis Arthritis.
Patients in the clinical study were suffering from joint pain in various parts of the body such as knees, back, knuckles and feet.

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy

We found that Remesol is a very effective remedy for short term and long term chronic pain conditions.

Now that I have utilized remesol on all different patients from tennis elbow to chronic back pain to neck pain.
I will definitely recommend to all patients suffering from pain


In our Remesol Studies here at Center for New Medicine, 80% of patients noticed a significant decrease in inflammation - which is witnessed by the heat thermographical images on the screen & camera doesn’t lie.

We saw a dramatic reduction in pain across the board. I would say that Remesol is a candidate to be prescribed to all my pain patients.


"The best thing about Remesol it is a topical plant based extract, therefore it's not toxic.
In our Clinical studies of Remesol we noticed it has immediate effect on people suffering from all chronic pains like Osteoarthritis (OA), Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA), Fibromyalgia and Gout."

Thermographical Images


Like every machine, the human body requires lubrication to run smoothly. Our body produces synovial fluid which works as lubricant for the joints.
As we age, the production of this fluid slows down and creates friction - joints start rubbing against each other.
The result is inflammation and pain.


Remesol is an all-natural combination of oils extracted from medicinal herbs found in the Himalayas.
With a gentle massage, Remesol penetrates deep into the joints and works as a lubricant to eliminate the friction that causes joint pain.
Remesol is clinically proven to give relief in inflammation & joint pain from the very first application.



Most painkillers available in the market contain harmful dangerous compounds.
These painkillers do not cure the pain but just suppress it by shutting off nervous system.

While relief is short term, the side effects of these painkillers are long term.
The US FDA warned that sustained use of these painkillers can be life-threatening.

Now you can say no to harmful pills & gels

When you take an anti-inflammatory drug, the first complications are gastrointestinal symptoms & cardiovascular symptoms

There is 100,000 emergency room visits because of painkiller pills.

You may be suffering from old joint pain or suffering from muscle pain or sports injury, remesol works in all.


Remesol works from the very first application and with regular usage, it compensates the depleting synovial fluids in joints - reducing friction in the joint & targets the root cause of arthritis.

Many patients who could not even walk due to joint pain, have now recovered and are living a comfortable, pain-free life with sustained use of Remesol Oil.

Real Stories of patients participated in clinical trial

Ricardo. Soccer Player suffered sports injury.

"Thanks to Remesol. I could actually jump, run, play the again, as there is no more pain in my joints"

Shelly. Nurse Suffered recurring backpain.

"It worked great, it decreased the inflammation drastically in just few applications. Remesol is just what I was looking for. I just din wanna use my prescription anymore as it will diminish my immune system and I won't be as mentally clear"

Patti. Fitness trainer suffered from Rheumatoid knee arthritis.

"It actually got to a point that was like a breakpoint that was so excruciating that my knees would actually give out. Doctor started giving me cortisone shots in my knees because it was so bad. But then I started reading the bad side effects. I was really excited when I heard about Remesol. With my first application, I went to my work out and a couple hours later I dint even notice that it wasn't hurting until after, the constant achy pain is just gone. I would 100% recommend Remesol, because it's the best thing I have ever used"

Jim. Business man suffered from wrist arthritis.

"For about two years I've had pain on joint in my thumb and on the first two fingers of my right hand. Pilling up all time is going to catch up to ya. I just din wanna do that anymore. You know for sure people that don't wanna be taking drugs. You got to try this. As long as they keep making it, I am gonna keep using it"

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