Immediate calming effect!

This product really works! I have chronic back & neck pain from arthritis. I get a lot of muscle spasms in my lower back. I refuse to take pain pills so I try everything I can to relieve my pain naturally. This product is great for massaging my painful areas and goes on smoothly without stickiness with immediate effects. The smell is a naturally clean smell and is not overpowering. I highly recommend this product! I will keep buying it over and over! Great price as well!

Thank You

Thanks for the reminder. I still have plenty but want to tell you that this product is very effective in helping ease the pain in my knees.
I'm an 81 year old woman and guess I can expect some knee pain but will fight it off as long as possible with solutions like Remesol.
Thanks again.

Life Changing

After months of continuous pain in my joints and back that was unresponsive to steroids and anti-inflammatory medications I decided to try this before injections or surgery. WOW! With in 2 weeks it feels great. I still get some occasional discomfort but that is when I use the Remesol oil. With in few minutes the pain is gone. Thanks Remesol

Magical effect to relive Arthritis pain.

Very effective oil. I have arthritis ache from a long time. After applying this oil for a few days the pain started disappearing. It has magically extra ordinary soothing powers to relieve the pain naturally. Thank you very much for making this wonderful oil.

So far it is working well

I have been using this oil on my neck and back for around 10 days and it really seems to work. I use it in the morning and night and my pain has really tamed down. Only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because of delayed shipping, took 10 days to get my order.

Thank you for reviewing Remesol. We are glad that Remesol is working for you, use it regularly for effective results. We apologise for the delay in shipment by our courier partner, our team strive to care and meet the needs of our customers. So we have introduced Express Shipping for customers who need faster deliver.

- Remesol - Treat arthritis & live pain free

Love it

Remesal is the most amazing oil we ever used for any pain. Hope you can tell us where to get stock in Gauteng.

Thank you for give us 5 star review, we are glad that Remesol is helping you to relive your pain. We do deliver in gauteng and worldwide you can place your order online.
Thank you for recommending Remesol.

- Remesol - Treat arthritis & live pain free

Gives the needed relief !

The applicator style bottle is so convenient and the smell is delicious but most importantly IT WORKS! Within a minute of application I begin to feel the needed relief i'm looking for. I apply this before my morning walk and also in the afternoon & evenings when my knees ache. I bought 1 Trial bottle and now I wished I had purchased Pack of 3.

Very helpful

I was doubtful but it seems to be working. Thanks!

Pain vanished. Remesol works in Pain relief

My Mom is in her 60's & often complained knee pain and pain in her calf used to be so severe that she could not get up quickly after sitting...then she started applying remesol and massaging with this oil twice a 15 days she got relief and the pain has vanished..


It works great, it decreased the inflammation drastically in just few applications. NEW REMESOL IS JUST WHAT I was looking for.


I have used one bottle on my feet and feel they are doing a lot better.


I tried all kinds of joint pain pills (glucosamin, chondroitin, egg shell membrane, hyaluronic acid...), nothing helped my knee. This oil works instantly to allow me to bend my knee and put some weight on it without suffering extreme pain, i suggest you getting the 6 month pack so you don't run out quick


So far it is living up to my expectations. I have painful wrists and have a roller ball dispenser on my work desk with Remesol and love the convenience and immediate relief. Superior quality equal to Young Living brand for a fraction of the price.

It works for Sure!!!!!!!!!!

It works fantastic, i am giving 4 stars just because of its price it should be for $29.90


I bought this for my dad when he had a bad case of plantar fascitis and struggled with it for a couple of months. He had instant pain relief and I was really happy with the purchase. I've since bought it for relatives who suffer from terrible back pain and leg injuries and they really thanked me for it. This product is only pain relief so people should still take care and try to resolve the underlying problem and not strain themselves just because they don't feel the pain anymore.